Feb 7, 2014

CRUSH Teacher Valentine (Printable)

Here is an easy last minute valentine that is perfect for the teachers at your school that I am totally crushin' on. Sorry I had to.

This year for PTO (which is just like PTA by the way), I was beyond happy to have the assignment of Teacher Appreciation. I have kind of geeked out over ways to show the teachers at our school we love them. Our teachers are pretty much all that is awesome. I feel it is so important to thank a teacher and to make them feel as special as they are.

Like I said, here is an easy and fun way to say Happy Valentine's Day to your school's teachers. A little valentine to let them know that you are crushin' on them.

All you need to make this Crush Valentine is cans of Crush Soda (I used grape to match the tags) and this CRUSH Teacher Valentine Printable.

I made this Crush Valentine Tag using PicMonkey (I am working on a post letting you know how I use this magical photo editing site). I removed the PTO part so that it is more generic and can be used by more people.

Once you have the soda and the printable, all you have to do is cut out the tags and tie them onto the cans of Grape Crush Soda.

Nothing easier. Nothing sweeter. Nothing better than thankin' a teacher.

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Corrie- said...

These are ADORABLE!!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thanks Corrie! I wish we had you as a teacher!!

SStockhoff said...

Baby girl, you make me so proud. You have so many talents and you use them in such wonderful and thoughtful ways! Love you! Mom


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