Jun 17, 2015

Watercolor Teacher Note Cards

What is that you say? School has been out for awhile. Your kids have already said good bye to their teachers for the school year.

Yeah, I know that. I meant to share this teacher gift I made early, but alas I don't have an early setting on my personal clock right now. The setting is pretty much set to last minute or lots of minutes after.

I loved these cards and was pretty proud of myself for trying a new skill to get these done.

I have seen several similar projects on the internet. I just love how personal the idea was.

As I thought on the project, I remembered a time when I had done a very simple and basic family tree using watercolors. I remember not being horrible at it and that was years ago. So I thought I would give it a try.

Gosh, I sure had fun. I initially drew the image on a larger piece of watercolor paper. I drew the image with pencil, leaving out some of the design detail, like the stripes on the dress.

Then I went to work painting. I had fun recreating different outfits I may have seen the teachers wear. I also added a special little touch by painting the book to match one of the ones they read that year in class.

I took my originals to Staples and had them shrink down my original image and then copy them on heavy cardstock. Not only did they print them out so that I could cut them down to a 5x7 card, but the girl who copied them for me also cut them down so I didn't have to. Man is that kind of wonderful

I bought some brown craft paper envelopes to go with the cards. I tied them all up with a cute ribbon and delivered them to my boys' teachers on the last day of school.

I might just make some every year. Spoiler alert future teachers-you might be getting some of these next year.


My Recent Favorite Books said...

Such a cute idea! =)
You did a wonderful job!

Corrie- said...

What a thoughtful, unique and amazing gift! Those are some lucky teachers!!


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