May 2, 2011

Project Leaving On a Jet Plane: PLANEGO

One of the things that keeps my Little Men happy while traveling is playing games. Two of my LM are too little for electronic games, so I came up with a small version of our favorite board game Zingo, a bingo type game.

I call it PLANEGO, get it, a version of zingo but played on the plane.


I made 10 game boards using picnik, and then printed them off. They are all different and are meant to be played with corresponding playing pieces which can be printed off (I recommend 1 page per player) and then cut into to small rectangle pieces.

I put the pieces into a small bag inorder to pull them out one at a time during the game. With board in hands, each player waited for me to pull out a picture. Whoever called it out first got to put it onto their board. Whoever filled up their board first won.

My LM loved playing this game. Even Littlest One could play by matching up the pieces to his board.

My original plan had been to print them out and laminate them. I totally ran out of time, but I will definitely do that in the future.  The boys loved playing it so much the cardstock boards kind of got mangled. I also think that I will modge podge the playing pieces to wooden tiles next time.

I am going to share my little PLANEGO game with you. Feel free to download one or more planego boards. I also included a PLANEGO master board so that you can go into picnik and make more of your own boards if you want. Just click on the link below and download them to your computer.

I know your kids will enjoy this game even if it is not being played on an airplane. AS for you read this I am most likely on one of those giant metal birds. Hopefully my journey home is way easier and timelier than our first flight.

home we go

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Just Jaime said...

Fun! Looks like a great idea!

Elle Belles Bows said...

Wow! Thanks! GREAT idea!

Kerri said...

Thank you so much for sharing this- what a cute idea. I love all your fabulous how-to projects this week. I'll be linking. Have a FABULOUS trip!


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