Oct 14, 2015

Easy-to-Make Halloween Donuts

Sometimes I get an idea in my head and I just can't get it out.

I was driving on one of my many errands. I was thinking about donuts, because well I like thinking about donuts. Then I was thinking about Halloween, because I am in the middle of making a small army of costumes.

Then I thought about round donuts, which led me to think about Jack-O-Lantern donuts. Then I was all like, "I should make some of those." To which I was like, "with what time?"

Do you like how I have full on conversations with myself? Anyway...

From that conversation I was reminded how easy it can be to make donuts if you use pre-packaged biscuit dough.

Before I knew it I was dreaming up other Halloween donuts and I was stopping by the store to get the ingredients I needed.

Then this happened.

Guys! These were SO, SO easy to make. They are so stinking adorable. My boys were pretty impressed with them, I decided not to divulge how easy they were to make to them, but I will to you. I am nice like that.

Here is all you need:

refrigerator biscuits
pudding cups
vanilla frosting
black cake icing (the kind with the attachments)
food coloring
white chocolate chips
oil, for frying

Heat the oil. Fry 2-3 biscuits at a time. Fry for 1 minute on each side. If they are cooking too fast (outside done, inside gooey), lower the heat of the oil slightly. Remove from the oil and dry on a layer of paper towels. Then remove to a cooling rack and cool completely.

Once they are cooled. Remove the pudding from the cups into a plastic sandwich bag. I like to use sandwich bags as disposable piping bags. It is easy to clean up. Remove the air from the bag, seal, and position the pudding toward the bottom corner of the bag. Cut the corner of the bag to create a piping opening.

With a butter knife, make a small opening in the donut. Put the end of the bag into the whole and slowly squeeze in the pudding filling.

After that it is time to frost. The sky is the limit really.

I split up the frosting into three bowls. I kept one white, dyed one orange and one green. Then I frosted each donut.

For the Frankenstein ones I added white chocolate chips and then embellished with the black icing.

The Ghost ones I simply piped on a big scary boo mouth and some eyes with the black icing. I did the same thing with the Jack-O-Lantern ones except with squiggly mouths and triangle eyes.

Bam. They are done. Seriously SO easy. SO cute. These donuts were such a hit in our house. One of my boys thought they were better than store bought donuts. Well, I don't know about that, but I will take the compliment.

These would be perfect for a Halloween breakfast or a class party. Have fun!

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