Oct 27, 2015

Halloween Straw Banners

Halloween is in four days. Want a fun and easy Halloween project?

Slap some vinyl on a mason jar, of course in a jack-o-lantern style. Pour a little orange drink into said jar. For an extra bit of fun add a paper straw topped with this really cute and simple BOO banner.

Seriously the only work of this whole thing was cutting out the banner and gluing it onto the straw, and let's be honest that wasn't really work.

Our special orange drink was a half and half combination of mango Powerade and Fresca. I was told it was the best drink ever.

After you carve that last pumpkin and glue the last part of the last costume, you can put this little Halloween drink together. First download the Halloween Straw Banners HERE

Then add it to a straw to an orange drink and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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