Oct 19, 2015

Frosted Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies

I woke up this morning at 5 am and was reminded again, that while I can and do bake, I don't really love it a whole lot. I am not sure what it is. Upon reflection, there might be a couple of reason. Like boy does it make a mess. I also find if I bake, then I eat it. No bueno! I am also not naturally very exact in the kitchen. Which if fine for cooking, but not so much for baking.

This was all made very clear this morning when I was making donuts from scratch for Mr. Middle's birthday. Since our favorite donut shop is closed on Monday, I figured I would make him some donuts in the wee hours of the morning. They were super yummy. They really were. Now I am just a little tired, my kitchen is less than immaculate, and I have way too many donuts just laying around begging to be eaten.

Oh baking. 

So why am I lamenting about baking during a baking post? 

This is the way I figure it--if I do bake it and I do love it and I would bake it again, then I must share it. Also, that is assurance to you that this recipe is worth your time.

While I don't bake a lot, I absolutely jump on board for baking anything with banana. We love banana bake goods. LOVE them. We very rarely have bananas left over, but when we do we bake with them. Our absolute favorite are Frosted Chocolate Chip Banana Bars. So it stands to reason that we would in turn love something like that in cookie form.

Man these Frosted Banana and Chocolate Chip Cookies are delightful. They are not dense like like a bar, but they are soft and fluffy (IT'S SO FLUFFY!!!). The frosting is light and perfectly cream cheesy. Who doesn't love a good creams cheese frosting?

These cookies were easy to make, and just as important they were easy to share. Sharing is good because it insures I don't eat a dozen cookies all by myself.

If you find yourself with very ripe bananas, then I think it would be delightful idea to make these cookies. You won't regret. Either will your neighbors. Wink. Wink.


Printable Recipe HERE

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