Oct 24, 2015

Potato Cheddar Sausage Soup: Slow Cooker Saturday

Every Fall something momentous happens. Soups get introduced back into our menu. I feel like every Fall when this happens, I gush and gush about my love for soups. I then in turn talk about how my family (curse them) do not love soup as much. It really is uncool.

Well I am not going to talk about that this Fall. I am just going to talk about this oh-so-good Potato Cheddar Sausage Soup.

First, it is a soup.


Second, it is made in the slow cooker. Might I just add, welcome back Slow Cooker Saturday (at least for this week. Wink. Wink.).


Everything but the cheese and the corn goes into the slow cooker and it just sits there and makes your house smell awesome all day.

I love when a soup is light and hardy all at the same time. Sometimes chowders feel too heavy, but my boys don't always appreciate a broth heavy soups, you know because they are strapping young men and all. This Potato Cheddar Sausage Soup is the perfect happy medium.

Happy soup making weather! Er, uh, I mean happy Fall.

print HERE


My Recent Favorite Books said...

Thanks for sharing this recipe! It sounds delicious!

Holly Wilcox said...

Making this tomorrow! Love the printable recipe card.


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