Oct 8, 2015

Vanilla Cake Apple Crisp

Before I introduce this very lovely Vanilla Cake Apple Crisp, let's just chat about Fall.

I love Fall. I love pretty much everything about it. Seriously. I am really trying to think about what I don't like about the Fall.  I am drawing a blank.

One of the activities I enjoy the most in the Fall is apple picking. When we lived in Ohio, every September we would drive out to our favorite fruit farm to pick our favorite apples. Which, of course, were Honeycrisp apples.

We went out with friends. We took pictures. We loaded up the trunk of our car. We blissfully ate apples while we picked. I miss our Ohio apple picking days. I find it funny that it was only after we left those glorious orchards that I found the delights of making applesauce.

We may not have our Ohio fruit farm, but we still have access to some yummy apples. Oh, and we are four years into our very own apple trees so there is that. We even had about 7 apples this year. One of them was ginormous.

I just can't wait for the next 5-10 years when we have ourselves our own little orchard. We even threw in a pear tree just for kicks and giggles. Until our orchard is all mature, we have been very lucky to have people offer to let us pick the apples from their trees.

We pick like maniacs. No on is exempt from tree climbing and picking.

Once we have canned all the applesauce I can handle, we always have some apples left over. Most the time we just eat them. Sometimes I just full on embrace Fall and bake something with them.

This year I made this little lovely. This Vanilla Apple Crisp was SO, SO very yummy.

There is an added little flavor bonus found in the crumb topping. P.S. Isn't the crumb topping just the very best. It is definitely my favorite. My secret yum factor weapon was a box of vanilla cake mix. The flavor it added was insane. It was the perfect compliment to the apple mixture. The most perfect apple crisp was born.

If you love Fall, then you should probably do yourself a favor and make this little bit of Fall in a bowl. AKA apple crisp.

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My Recent Favorite Books said...

I love Apple Crisp! Your recipe looks yummy! =)

Your boys are getting so big!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thanks Melissa!! They are HUGE, right?!?

SStockhoff said...

This looks amazing, your killing me here with this though. I can feel my hiney spread just looking at it. ����


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