Oct 23, 2015

Pikachu Halloween Costume

There was a lot of debate over this Pikachu Halloween Costume. Like a lot, A LOT. When Mister Little requested this costume, I was not on board. After all, we barely watch this show and we don't own any Pokemon merchandise. 

So I was a little surprised and a lot hesitant. I mean, seriously there are a million other things that would have been cuter. I spent several weeks trying to convince him that other things would be cooler.

Alas, his mind was made up. Since I had said that they all could choose what they wanted to be, I had to surrender.

So the second installment of our no-theme Halloween is this Pikachu costume.

I used the same pattern I used for Daniel Tiger

I changed the pattern to make it Pikachu. I appliqued fleece onto the hood to make his face. I added fleece stripes to the back. I altered the ears and the tail. In order to make the tail more sturdy I used a heavy fabric stabilizer. I also hand stitched part of the tail to the costume so it would stay in place.

I used fleece for this whole costume. He will be so warm and cozy on Halloween night.

I don't know why I fought him on this costume. It turned out really cute and he is SO very happy.

Two more costumes and this no-theme Halloween of 2015 will be done.


SStockhoff said...

I seriously love how happy he looks in this! Takes me back to that day in Target, this is so much better. 😍 You are awesome.

My Recent Favorite Books said...

This costume is so cute! The photos are adorable, looks like he loves his new costume!


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